We are dressing up October 29th for Halloween!!!!


We are dressing up October 29th for Halloween!!!!!


Here are a few guidelines we ask that you follow to ensure we have a fun & safe day!

  1. If students are going to wear a costume, they must wear it to school. 

  2. No masks or full face painting will be allowed. However students can have “limited” makeup like whiskers, freckles, eye make up, etc.

  3. Costumes must not be too scary or inappropriate for the school environment. Please no gory or grotesque costumes.

  4. No props are allowed. (no swords, weapons, wands, etc)

  5. Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for school. No heels, no slippers, etc.

  6. Students who come to school wearing something inappropriate, will have to call home for new clothing.

  7. Costumes should not interfere with the ability of a student to go to the bathroom by themselves. 

  8. We will still be going outside for recess (weather permitting), so jackets need to fit over costumes.

  9. Please do not send any candy in for students to eat at school or to be sent home.


Thank you!

Elaina Miller
Principal, Cooks Corners Elementary
358 Bullseye Lake Road
Valparaiso, IN  46383